Horticultural lighting applications have increased exponentially over the past few years.
There are three characteristics of light you should consider when designing the ideal light environment for your crops: light quality, light quantity and light duration.
What are the benefits to LEDs during propagation? Dr. Youbin Zheng of the University of Guelph talks about the versatility of LEDs. Different spectrums and combinations can change the morphology at different stages of the plants. As LED technology continues to improve and its prices go down, more and more commercial greenhouses are using LEDs to replace HPS.
In our October article, we discussed how we can optimize lighting conditions for plant growth, how to measure light, the optimum lighting requirements for various groups of plants and how to calculate the deficit. Now that we are familiar with lighting basics, let us look into the spectral composition of light.
Andrew Mans initially installed high pressure sodium (HPS) lights in the greenhouse, but quickly found that they had a high failure rate.
Starting a decade ago, researchers focused on the potential of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting for greenhouse horticultural crops, whether ornamental or vegetable. Usually, high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) are the most used in the greenhouse industry around the world.
With greenhouse strawberries becoming increasingly popular among consumers, how can supplemental lighting be used to help improve their production and potentially open avenues to other berry crops?
Light is a prerequisite for photosynthetic activity for all crops whether the crops are grown in an open field or grown under cover. When light is insufficient, healthy plant development is hindered, which manifests in a variety of crop issues including poor root development, susceptibility to diseases and pests, stunted growth, delayed flowering, stretch, and low transplant viability.
In our last article we examined the potential for saving energy by integrating dimmable horticultural LED lighting systems into various feedback-control strategies. This time, we will review background concepts of LED light spectrum and explore how spectral modifications can be leveraged to improve crop production.
Numerous articles have extolled the virtues of modern LED lighting technology for horticultural applications, particularly as a replacement for HPS in greenhouse environments. Various LED technologies have been proven to achieve comparable or better commodity-specific production metrics to HPS in many different greenhouse production scenarios.
October 2017 – Lighting research is very exciting these days, with manipulation of LED placement and wavelength both possible. We checked with three leading greenhouse lighting researchers to hear about their newest studies – some ongoing and some recently completed, some new and some building on previous studies.
October 2017 – Growing vegetable crops in winter in Canada is now an established practice in the sense that we know how many lights should be installed and how much light can be delivered to plants. Good information is available on a number of micromoles needed for leafy and fruiting crops and what is a good Daily Light Integral (DLI). With the arrival of LED lights we heard the term “top lights” and “inter-light.”
OCTOBER 2017 – There’s been a lot of talk about light-emitting diode fixtures (LEDs) in the greenhouse industry over the last few years. They are often marketed as the solution to our electricity woes with the added benefit of spectrum control for specific crops.
October 2017 – The following are highlights of a presentation made during a research conference hosted by Flowers Canada Ontario earlier this year.
Lights are one of the most important aspects of a greenhouse energy mix. Lighting extends the growing season to overcome seasonal changes that limit production and revenue. Lighting must be managed carefully to ensure the benefits are not offset by increased power costs.
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