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February 16, 2023
N.S. program helps greenhouse growers recover from Hurricane Fiona

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February 16, 2023
Feds invest in passive solar greenhouse in Whitehorse

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January 17, 2023
How LED dynamic lighting contributes to pest management


July 21, 2022
Revol Greens preparing for new Texas greenhouse

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June 1, 2022
Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association announces new initiative


May 16, 2022
New joint venture to examine potential for wind farm production to power greenhouse sector

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April 18, 2022
Updated: Vineland surveys greenhouse vegetable growers’ IPM practices


March 21, 2022
Greenway Greenhouse to support the inaugural CannabisWiki Conference and Expo

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February 28, 2022
Greenhouse retrofits: 4 key problems that can be solved by structural upgrades

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February 28, 2022
Tulip Trade Event to take place in March


February 11, 2022
Canadian Government announces investment to support Flowers Canada Growers 


January 27, 2022
Seasonal workers arrive in Ontario for greenhouse growing season


January 24, 2022
Fundraising efforts underway after worker fall at Leamington greenhouse

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January 24, 2022
KUBO shifts Eef ter Laak to Canada


January 24, 2022
Taking a leap of faith with Plant Empowerment

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January 18, 2022
Strawberry producer, Ever Tru Farms launches in Ontario


December 9, 2021
Vineland surveys pest management needs in floriculture

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November 9, 2021
Alberta strawberry grower goes vertical


October 19, 2021
Pipp Horticulture acquires GGS Structures


October 15, 2021
62-acre greenhouse production facility announced in California


October 4, 2021
39 First Nation communities get boost to develop agri-food sector

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September 13, 2021
KUBO to expand eastern Canadian services

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July 13, 2021
A shippable solution for northern growing


March 9, 2021
WUR and Tencent announce third autonomous greenhouse challenge

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January 13, 2021
Aris Horticulture celebrates 100 years of growing


October 19, 2020
Investment supports transition of Brooks Greenhouse to Lethbridge College

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October 14, 2020
Artificial intelligence reduces HVAC costs while bumping up yields


October 13, 2020
Ottawa earmarks $2.1M for Indigenous ag and food projects