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Sollum Technologies and Delphy Improvement Centre to advance greenhouse LED grow ligh solution and irrigation strategies

January 11, 2024  By Greenhouse Canada

Jan. 11, 2024 – Sollum Technologies has announced that they are joining the LED pepper trial at Delphy Improvement Centre, a research and training facility located in The Netherlands, whose mission is to advance greenhouse horticulture techniques.

The goal of the project ― to uncover solutions optimizing crop productivity ― aligns with Sollum’s dedication to lighting adaptability and sustainability. With more than 10 years’ experience in LED lighting trials, Delphy recognizes the potential of dynamic lighting strategies.

The inaugural joint project will address the enhancement of irrigation strategies in conjunction with LED lighting in pepper cultivation. As traditional greenhouse irrigation strategies were primarily established on radiometric units stemming from sunlight and HPS lamps, the advent of dynamic LED lighting, characterized by micromoles and minimal radiant heat, has posed challenges for growers.


“Among the first questions we get from growers transitioning to dynamic LED lighting is how they should manage irrigation, especially as they play with the spectrum, dimming, etc. We’re excited to work with Delphy Improvement Centre on clarifying this point for greenhouse growers in the coming months,” said Chief Horticultural Specialist Sam Soltaninejad at Sollum, in a press release.

As Delphy continues to build on its five years of greenhouse LED lighting research in pepper, the research will also probe the effects of far-red light on pepper crop productivity and morphology. Highlighting the convergence of advanced technology and leading-edge agricultural research, this collaboration aims to offer unmatched insights into the symbiotic relationship between light and irrigation in pepper cultivation.

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