Greenhouse Canada

Grower Day 2020

Virtual Grower Day | Flowers & Vegetables
August 12, 2020 at 1:00pm ET

Celebrating 40 years in print, Greenhouse Canada is proud to present its 25th annual Grower Day in a new virtual format.


As the only national business magazine published exclusively for commercial greenhouse growers in Canada, Greenhouse Canada’s annual Grower Day highlights new trends, tackles issues from a local perspective and promotes discussion among flower and vegetable growers to advance the industry as a whole.


A mix of live and recorded sessions, this year’s virtual event will highlight the latest in research, technology and production. Live panels will tackle today’s most pressing issues, while pre-recorded sessions will allow attendees to pick and choose sessions, revisiting them at their leisure.

Growing the next generation

How can the greenhouse sector continue to attract and retain new employees? Three younger growers share their experiences in the greenhouse.

Jennifer McIntosh, Meyers Farms
Jette Vanadrichem, Ontario Plants Propagation
Brennan Parkin, One Floral

Awards Presentation

Celebrate the winners of this year’s Grower of the Year and Top 4 Under 40 awards.

Moving forward with COVID

The emergence of COVID-19 was no walk in the park. This panel discussion will touch on changes made by growers and focus on planning for the year ahead.

Bob and Carmen Mitchell, SunTech Greenhouses
Stan Vander Waal, Rainbow Greenhouses
Brian Minter, Minter Country Garden
Len Ferragine, Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery

Nutrient management for the cannabis curious

Q&A with David Pratt, Emerald Harvest

Looking into growing cannabis or just starting out? Find out how nutrient choice might differ between cannabis, flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse and what to look for when choosing.

On Demand

Demystifying dehumidification

Speaker: Dr. Jingjing Han, Flowers Canada (Ontario)
Heat loss is a significant problem for greenhouses in the winter, but closed vents can lead to humidity build-up. Researchers tested four different dehumidification technologies, and here’s what they found.

The economics of biocontrol

Speaker: Graeme Murphy, bioLogical Control Solutions

Biological control is an effective control strategy for major greenhouse pests; but how do the economics of using biocontrol stack up against the use of pesticides and do growers have a good handle on the breakdown of their biocontrol costs? This presentation will discuss the economic questions around the use of biocontrol.

What’s next for biocontrol

Speaker: Dr. Michael Brownbridge, BioWorks
With new pests emerging, a changing climate and consumer demands shaping what can (and cannot) be used in production, greenhouse IPM programs have to change to stay ahead of the curve. Explore some of the exciting new IPM technologies on the horizon that were revealed at the recent Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting.

Thwarting the next data attack

Speaker: Craig Barretto, Proack Security
Cases of ransomware are on the rise. Learn how to prevent your data from being kidnapped and what to do in a ransom situation.

Setting microbes in motion

Speaker: Dr. Deborah Henderson, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Explore different strains of beneficial microbial biofungicides available to greenhouse production. Learn how they could be used to prevent and manage different diseases and pathogens.

Biocontrol: Round peg in a square hole

Speaker: Brian Spencer, Applied Bio-nomics

There’s a growing number of biocontrol options out in the marketplace, but not all of them will be a fit for every greenhouse operation. From exploring native and exotic biocontrol options to understanding your expectations, learn how to identify the right solutions for your greenhouse.

Growing strawberries in the greenhouse

Speaker: Dr. Laila Benkrima, University of the Fraser Valley
Day-neutral strawberries are high-value fruit crop that offers a great market opportunity for growers. Eight three-level towers designed by Affinor Growers Inc. were installed and studied by the John Volken Academy where growth, yield and fruit quality were evaluated under conventional and organic regimes.

Mental break: Taking care of your health

Speaker: Emily Kerr, CHSEP AgSafe BC Safety Advisor Lower Mainland Region
Your mind and body are the most important pieces of equipment in your farming operation, what happens if they fail? Mental health challenges in agriculture are prevalent and have the ability to cripple an operation. This discussion will cover why agriculture is the “perfect storm” for mental health challenges, how to recognize when you or someone you know is struggling, and tips on how to get help.

Why your plant’s needs and business plans go hand in hand

Speaker: Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza
Understanding your plant’s needs is important to production, and they can match your operations’ needs as well. Learn how to meet both by taking the right actions and using the right inputs at the right time for a highly productive and sustainable business.