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Aelius LED announces new 20-watt lighting series

January 26, 2022  By Aelius LED

Niagara Homegrown Cannabis seedlings under the 6500k Cloning Spectrum. Photo provided by Aelius.

Canadian-based company, Aelius LED has developed a new 20 Watt LED series, providing growers with an easily interchangeable system that responds to the specific growing needs of their plants.

Aelius produced three different light recipes in the LED tubes to meet the unique needs of indoor farmers of a variety of low light demanding crops,” said Ryan Kirwan, CEO of Aelius LED. “With three light recipes available, growers have the ability to select the spectrum that is best suited for their individual needs.”

Planned for release in early 2022, the Aelius 20W LED tube is available in three recipes: 6500K for cloning cannabis, as well as 5000K and 5000K + 660nm & 730nm for greens and other vegetables.


6500K provides a classic blue light to promote strong healthy root growth in cannabis.

5000K provides growers with a warm colour spectrum that was customized to provide the ideal environment for leafy greens and other indoor farming crops with lower light demands.

For increased height and heartier greens, they recommend the Aelius 5000K + 660nm & 730nm. “This spectrum provides all the benefits of the standard 5000K spectrum with the added red and far red diodes for the extra punch of genetic expression perfect for bigger leafy greens that have more unique lighting demands, “ said Kirwan.

Adam Clark of Galiano Grow House Inc. cultivates greens under 5000K spectrum. Photo provided by: Aelius

The Aelius 20W LED tube provides an LED alternative to the traditional T5 and T8 fixtures. Users have the option of daisy chaining the tubes together to suit their needs on a large scale. Each fixture comes with end caps for easy mounting and cleaning.

The lights are expected to be released in early 2022, once they have obtained all certifications.

“Aelius LED’s new clone lights have been a dream to use for both our Hemp clones and our micro greens. The new Spectrum light bar has produced some of the spiciest Arugula and Mustard greens to date while using less energy than our previous grow lights,” says Adam Clarke, CEO Stratus Designs Ltd./ Galiano Grow House Inc.

Source: Aelius LED

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