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Signify partners with Rebate Bus to facilitate utility rebates on grow lights

June 29, 2021  By Signify (edited)

Growers transitioning to Signify’s LED lighting products can now benefit from support with their utility rebate applications.

Signify announced a collaboration with Rebate Bus, a firm that specializes in utility rebate application support, to simplify and facilitate utility rebate applications for growers transitioning to Signify’s Philips-branded LED lighting in their grow facilities and greenhouses.

“Rebate Bus will manage the rebate application for a reduced fee (from their normal fee structure), which is based on project size of the LED installation,” says Barbara Perzanowski, marketing communications manager for horticulture LED solutions at Signify. “Rebate Bus can help growers maximize a rebate by looking at the rebates that are be available, as there may be multiple rebates in which a commercial installation may qualify. Rebate Bus will evaluate the options and select the rebate that would be of the highest value.”


According to the release, many utility companies are offering rebates for growers to change from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to energy-efficient LED grow lights. Currently, 23 Philips LED fixtures are on the Horticultural Lighting Qualified Products List (QPL) from the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), a non-profit organization that establishes product specifications to ensure products are reliable and efficient. Approximately 95 per cent of the utility companies currently offering energy rebates and incentives require LED fixtures to be DLC-qualified.

Utility companies are structuring rebate programs to offer 10-50 per cent back on the upfront product cost. In a recent project converting HPS to Philips LED lighting, one grower’s return on investment (ROI) was first estimated at 3.5 years; however, with a utility rebate, the ROI was shortened to just one year.

To take advantage of rebates and maximize their returns for a project, Rebate Bus will identify the appropriate rebates and complete the rebate application, so growers can reduce their overall LED product costs.

“Rebate Bus is the go-to in North America for rebates and incentives, so this was a natural collaboration for Signify. We continue to strengthen support for growers using Philips horticulture LED lighting,” said Udo van Slooten, business leader, horticulture at Signify. “With this resource, growers can make informed decisions and capitalize on their investment based on the programs Rebate Bus identifies for their individual greenhouse and location.”

Many provinces and municipalities offer favourable incentives; it is a matter of understanding the programs that are available and which are applicable for a commercial horticulture installation. Rebate Bus will evaluate the available opportunities and determine which program would be most advantageous for a grower’s specific project. 

“From proposal to actual sales, we can inform growers on rebate opportunities and conduct in-depth analysis for each project and calculate estimates so it’s a seamless process for both Signify and the growers,” says Adam Lee, senior fulfillment manager, Rebate Bus. “Some rebates are first-come, first-served; some must be submitted at certain times. We know the ins and outs of the rebate process, and with our expertise and knowledge, bring value by helping growers maximize their return.”

Henry Olson, commercial leader of Signify’s agriculture business in the U.S. and Canada, said, “Aside from the 23 Philips LED grow lights that are already DLC qualified, Signify has a number of additional luminaires under review with DLC. We want to help growers easily capitalize on rebates, without delay or problem, regardless of crop, application type or growing environment, which is why Signify is making the investment to ensure our LED fixtures are DLC certified.”

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