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Global warming : greenhouse growing, an optimal solution!

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April 2, 2024 in Features
By Harnois Greenhouses

greenhouse(Photo: Willy Haeck project)

Record-breaking temperatures and increasingly unpredictable weather conditions are giving field vegetable growers a hard time. Extreme climatic variations affect crops and increase the risk of disease development and pest contamination.

The greenhouse acts as a thermal buffer : 

During the hot-season the volume of the greenhouse will be the best feature to control the climate providing optimal and stable growing conditions (HR% and temperature) to your plants.

temperature chart

(Image: Harnois Greenhouses)

Mainly, the greenhouse acts as a thermal buffer, maximizing the plant’s photosynthetic yield:

  • Capture sunlight and retain heat inside the greenhouse.
  • Protection from external factors (cold, frost, wind, insect pests, pollution, etc.).
  • Reduced outside temperature variations for a favorable environment for crops.
  • Increased volume means stable temperature and humidity all year round in the production area.
  • Ideal growth of plants, making them stronger and of better quality.
  • Extended production periods.
  • More predictable harvests.
  • Respect for the plant’s physiological cycle.

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