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‘Space’ greenhouse efficiencies on display this summer

June 18, 2012  By Treena Hein

The 'Lunar Greenhouse' project at the University of Arizona (courtesy project website).

The hydroponic ‘Lunar Greenhouse,’ built at the University of Arizona in 2010, will provide food as well as air, water and waste recycling for a space-faring crew someday – but also aspires to bring practical commercial-ready technology for Earth’s inhabitants.

This summer, the accordion-like greenhouse will be on display at the San Diego County Fair and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

On the moon, the Lunar Greenhouse would have to operate beneath the surface to avoid damage from micrometeorites and solar radiation, so the research team has experimented energy-efficient LEDs, and piping sunlight in using fiber optic cables. Remote operation is also a feature.


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