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Ontario’s flower growers saw considerable sales recovery, but not all

January 12, 2021  By Greenhouse Canada

Flowers Canada (Ontario) says many of their members saw sales recovery beginning late spring, but not all recovered from losses at Easter.

Andrew Morse, FCO’s Executive Director, provided a comprehensive report to their membership at the organization’s annual general meeting, held on Dec. 2, 2020 over Zoom.

“Following a broader opening in late spring and through the fall, many of FCO’s members saw considerable sales recovery. People from all across North America were quarantined in their homes and for many with a focus on optimism, turned to enjoying flowers, plants and gardening as a way to keep busy while also beautifying their homes and communities,” states the press release.


The FCO team worked to establish the essential nature of floriculture farms, contributing towards garden centres reopening in time for Mother’s Day, but not all businesses were able to recover.

Morse acknowledged that “not all farms recovered from the losses suffered at Easter and that many others were not in a position to capitalize on the newly created demand for floriculture products. Estimated losses for Ontario’s flower producers is somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million.”

Being considered an essential service helped to keep the doors open for many farms and businesses.

The provincial trade and professional association of the Ontario floral industry held their 54th Annual General Meeting over Zoom and streamed live on YouTube with over 60 people in attendance or observing FCO’s AGM.

FCO Board changes

Elections were held for a number of open positions on the FCO Board.

This year, the FCO Board wlecomed Ed Vermolen of Aldershot Greenhouses, as well as John Oosterveld of Jarja Floral as an unelected director in training.

“I am pleased to welcome Ed, John, and the returning board members to our team,” said Jan Van Zanten, FCO’s President. “This has been a challenging year for all Ontarians, but I am confident that the breadth of expertise and experience on our Board will ensure that FCO continues to be a strong advocate of the sector.”

Remaining on FCO’s Executive Committee are Vice President, Arielle DeBoer of Rosa Flora, Gina Marchionda of Jeffery’s Greenhouses as Treasurer, and Angelle van Kleef from Colourful Gardens as Board Secretary.

Other Board members include Rodney Bierhuizen from Sunrise Greenhouses, Byron Dodd from Dodd’s Greenhouses, and Brian Gatcke of Foliera.

With files from Flowers Canada (Ontario)

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