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Star Roses and Plants to showcase new varieties at Cultivate‘22 

July 12, 2022  By Star Roses and Plants

(Photo credit: Star Roses and Plants)

Star Roses and Plants will present its new 2023 plant varieties at Cultivate’22, July 16–19 in Columbus, Ohio.

The new varieties are as follows: 

Top Cream (as shown above)


The large, old-fashioned blooms of this special rose are extremely fragrant with notes of earthy pear. Its abundant petals are creamy-white with an occasional light pink blush. It exhibits excellent disease resistance and is a wonderful rose for cut floral arrangements.

Raspberry Cupcake

This special rose has a strong raspberry and lemon fragrance. Its blooms are medium to light pink with large, cuplike petals. It has excellent disease-resistance and will re-bloom throughout the season.

Buttercream Drift

Buttercream Drift  is the newest addition to the Drift Collection of Roses. It has light yellow flowers with cuplike petals that make a cheerful addition to gardens of all shapes and styles.

Sunblaze Lemon 

Sunblaze Lemon produces creamy-yellow blooms from spring to fall. It is easy to grow and thrives in containers, making it ideal for small spaces.

Sunblaze Peach 

Sunblaze Peach exhibits uniquely colored orange, pink, and yellow blooms from spring to fall. It has improved disease resistance for the miniature rose type.

Chilopsis ‘Sweet Bubba’ 

‘Sweet Bubba’ is a low-maintenance tree that thrives in dry, low-water climates. It displays eye-catching, magenta flowers that are much larger than other Chilopsis varieties. Flowers are fragrant and bloom over a long window.

Napoleon Prunus 

This compact variety displays deep green, glossy foliage on a versatile plant. The well-behaved habit and low-maintenance requirements make Napoleon perfect for use as a small hedge and in patio containers. In spring, clusters of pure white flowers are produced in abundance.

FlorAmore White Azalea 

FlorAmore White is filled with charming, white blooms on a compact plant. It flowers abundantly, making it the perfect addition to the porch, patio, or in-ground garden space.

Dragon Fire Callistemon 

Dragon Fire shows off scarlet red blooms on a compact, evergreen shrub. Blooms start in spring and continue through the summer, contrasting nicely against clean, bright green foliage. It is tolerant of coastal conditions, as well as high heat and humidity.

Leucophyllum ‘San Antonio Rose’ 

‘San Antonio Rose’ displays large, bright pink flowers in abundance throughout the summer. Its bold blooms and silver-green foliage make an eye-catching planting in the garden.

Leading Lime Tight Lomandra 

Leading Lime Tight has the same bright green foliage color, strength, and durability as Lime Tough but in a smaller size. Its unique, cylindrical shape is ideal for low borders and in landscapes that require lower plant profiles. It is low-maintenance, evergreen, and drought and salt tolerant.

Leading Lime Mist Lomandra 

Leading Lime Mist is a fine-foliaged Lomandra, great for landscaping with its fountain of airy, green leaves. It is very low maintenance once established, as well as frost, drought, and salt tolerant.

Fandango Blue Scaevola 

Fandango Blue produces an abundance of fan-shaped, blue flowers on a dense, rounded shrub. This variety is quick-growing and drought tolerant.

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