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Sion’s to open new Phalaenopsis production site in Edmonton

Starting in January, customers can expect delivery in plug trays, with half-grown plants in September.

January 17, 2023  By Sion

(Source: Sion)

Sion and Bevo Farms are kicking off the year with a move to Edmonton. The collaboration between Sion and Bevo Farms – which commenced in May 2022 – means that Sion can now supply its customers in North America with cuttings in plug or half-grown plants, in addition to cuttings in laboratory cups. This month, all the production will move from Vancouver to Edmonton. This larger and generously equipped production site offers benefits that are rarely deployed in Phalaenopsis cultivation.

Edmonton production site is equipped with a wide array of conveniences

The location in Edmonton was acquired from a company engaged in cannabis cultivation. The site was built in 2018 and equipped with a range of conveniences. For example, the greenhouse is fully enclosed, with no vents, and all products are on tables on dense concrete floors, guaranteeing controlled air and moisture quality and excellent hygiene.


The collaboration enables the two companies to supply the North American market with cuttings material in plugs or half-grown plants with or without spikes, in addition to Phalaenopsis cuttings in laboratory cups. The products can be ordered by color as well as by variety from Sion’s wide assortment and that of fellow breeders under the name “Sion Breeders in the Spotlight.” Most of all, the short local delivery time of 2 to 4 days enables a tight delivery schedule, allowing year-round weekly delivery. The first plug material in plug trays is expected to be delivered from January 2023, followed by the half-grown plant material with or without branches from September 2023.

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