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New greenhouse sanitation fact sheet from AAF

July 7, 2015  By Dave Harrison

July 7, 2015, Edmonton – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has released a new fact sheet to help greenhouse growers with their integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Greenhouse Sanitation looks at how growers can improve crop quality and reduce pests.

“Proper greenhouse sanitation is one of the most important but often more overlooked aspects of a quality IPM program,” says Dustin Morton, commercial horticulture specialist, AF, Stettler.


“The greenhouse environment with its warm, humid climate is the perfect environment for weeds, diseases and insects, which can all seriously harm production. By taking appropriate steps, such as the ones outlined in this new publication, greenhouse growers can ensure a quality crop and a reduction in pest-related problems during the growing season.

The new fact sheet looks at sanitization, assessment and pre-crop removal, crop removal, clean up and disinfection, irrigation line cleaning, and more. 

“An IPM program depends on a good quality greenhouse sanitation regime and year-end clean,” says Morton.

“By following the measures outlined in this publication, greenhouse operators can help ensure their subsequent crops are healthy, vigorous and looking their best for customers.


The new fact sheet is available on line from AF’s webpage. Hard copies are also available by calling 780-427-0391 or by e-mail at

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