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Growing by Plant Empowerment

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December 02, 2021

Growing by Plant Empowerment:

How optimal production, quality, and profit in horticulture are no longer at odds with sustainability


  • 8:00–10:00am (PST)
    11:00am–1:00pm (EST)
    5:00–7:00pm (CET)

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The Netherlands Diplomatic Mission Network, in partnership with Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Plant Empowerment is organizing a virtual workshop on Plant Empowerment.

This 2-hour interactive workshop will bring together growers and industry experts already implementing the Plant Empowerment approach in Canada and the Netherlands, as well as knowledge institutes and government representatives from both countries.

Speakers will elaborate on the concept and role of plant empowerment, and address some of the key challenges Canadian and Dutch growers are facing, as well as the opportunities for enhancing Dutch-Canadian collaboration. There will be several breakout discussions during the event based on the specific interests of the audience.


  • Henk Snoeken – Consul General of the Netherlands in Vancouver
  • Diederik Beutener – Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
  • Pieter Kwakernaak – General Manager Hoogendoorn America
  • Peter van Weel – Systems Developer for Greenhouse Production
  • Dr Fadi Al-Daoud – Greenhouse Vegetable Specialist at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Paul Selina – VP Applied Research at Village Farms Intl Inc.
  • Guido van het Hof – General Manager at Great Northern Hydroponics
  • Moderator: Jeannette den Boer, Manager Sustainability a.i. at Royal Lemkes, Project Manager Plant Empowerment

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Growing by Plant Empowerment

This new cultivation method is called: “Growing by Plant Empowerment”. This is an integrated approach, based on plant physiology and physics, that monitors all relevant growth factors by applying sensors and objective observations. As a result, strategies and decisions can be derived from reliable data instead of “green fingers” and feelings. Watch the one-minute video on the approach here.

This also enables the application of Data Driven Growing techniques, such as Artificial Intelligence, to further optimise both yield and efficient use of resources. Some of the touted advantages include better production, fewer pests and diseases, and water and energy conservation.

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