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Aright chooses CubicFarm growing system for B.C. market, potential opportunities in India

November 30, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Photo by CubicFarms

CubicFarm Systems announced last week that its automated, controlled-environment growing system has been selected by Aright Greentech Canada Ltd., a British Columbia-based agriculture investor-operator, to grow commercial quantities of fresh produce for retail markets in the Abbotsford and Chilliwack regions.

“We believe the Abbotsford agreement with Aright helps to further validate the commercial upside of our technology,” says CubicFarms CEO Dave Dinesen. “We are equally excited that Aright, through its parent company, has agreed to develop the Abbotsford site to serve the local market, and commence learning for potentially significant expansion into India. We are looking forward to a seamless collaboration between our teams to successfully grow high-quality, great tasting, local produce here at home, and potentially in India.”

Aright is an international company with interests in environmentally focused companies in India and other countries, and this B.C. launch is a soft pilot for a potential future international roll-out.


Abbotsford Agreement

The company’s commercial agreement with Aright for the sale of 16 CubicFarms machines includes 14 growing machines, two propagation machines and an irrigation system, representing a total of approximately $2.8 million (including installation and shipping) in sales revenues.

The system is expected to be installed in Abbotsford by August 2021, and the patented CubicFarms technology will enable Aright to grow high-quality foods, with predictable crop yields indoors, all year round.

Aright also plans to expand its systems after successful completion of Phase 1 in Abbotsford.

“We are a family of impact operators and investors who aim to have a net positive impact on people, the community and the environment. As next-generation growers, we are driven to be a key player in innovation of AgTech that can feed the rising population through technologically advanced farms that can adapt and operate with consistent results,” says Tanya Mehta, founder and CEO of Aright. “Planting and harvesting existing croplands on technologically advanced farms that consistently deliver food production without requiring new land is at the heart of this plan to work with CubicFarms. After thoroughly evaluating all available indoor growing options, we determined that it is in the best interests of Aright and our stakeholders to work with CubicFarms, which we predict will be beneficial to launch our BC operations, and to foster further innovations both in B.C. and internationally.”

Potential Commercial Opportunities in India

CubicFarms and Aright India will launch a pilot project at Aright’s Abbotsford location to assess CubicFarms machine production capabilities for a number of crop types.

After the evaluation is complete, it could culminate in a significant roll-out of the technology in the upcoming years. According to the press release, the potential India commercial opportunity will enable development and commercialization of the CubicFarms’ technology, and align to Aright’s focus on achieving wide-scale environmental efficiencies for urban areas.

Source: Cubic Farms

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