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2019 ‘Year of’ selections announced

February 15, 2019
By Greenhouse Canada

What do Salvia nemorosa, snapdragon, dahlia and pumpkin all have in common?

Each have been selected and highlighted by the National Garden Bureau in their Year of program for 2019, representing perennials, annuals, bulbs/tubers and vegetables.

“We have been doing this Year of program for more than 30 years and we always choose the crop classes based on popularity, if they are easy to grow and if there is a lot of new breeding work in that class,” says Diane Blazek, executive director of National Garden Bureau. “Our board comes up with the classes, then, with input from our members, who choose each class.”


For perennials, it’s the Year of the Salvia nemorosa. While there are over a thousand species in the Salvia genus, most are not hardy in northern areas.

“Of interest to the category, breeders are hybridizing S. nemorosa and S. pratensis to provide plants with more open and airier flower presentation,” notes NGB.

For annuals, it’s the Year of the snapdragon. Tall varieties can be used as cut flowers, while medium and dwarf varieties are used in containers and gardens. Their scent also attracts a number of pollinators.

“Dwarf types are currently the most common snapdragons found at garden centers,” notes NGB. “Their compact habit makes them ideal for garden plantings and in containers for porch and patio.”

For bulbs and tubers, dahlias were chosen for 2019. With so many different varieties, dahlias are grouped based on size, form and colour. Mono-culture and combination containers are an increasingly popular way to grow dahlias, notes the NGB.

And for the vegetable category, pumpkins were chosen. Not only are pumpkins commonly used in fall cooking and baking, they’re also used as decoration and offer a number of nutritious benefits – a great choice for the home gardener and food enthusiast.

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