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September 2015 — Soiree Crown varieties feature unique upturned petals that resemble a queen’s crown in Pink, which is almost white, and Rose, a more vibrant rich pink...
September 2015 — “Lemoncello” is a De Ruiter yellow blocky pepper hybrid for the Ontario bulk market. Its size and production potential provides growers with a great new option for this segment...
September 2015 — High-impact flowers with mesmerizing dark centres pull you in to all the colours offered in this fantastic (and versatile!) series from Dummen Orange...
September 2015 — “Mountie” produces multiple, high quality attractive cucumbers with strong ribbing and a dark, shiny color for increased consumer appeal...
September 2015 — An extremely tough and resilient garden line, the Floramia series of ipomoea from D<15>mmen Orange gains three new varieties for 2016. These varieties have been selected for compact growth habit and diverse foliage colours...
August 2015 — Warm up combinations with sunny Beedance bidens from Suntory Flowers. “Painted Red’s” petals are half red-orange and half yellow, becoming redder in cooler temperatures...
August 2015 — De Ruiter’s 2014 summer trials of its cucumber hybrid “Avaya” in both Ontario and British Columbia showed a competitive level of production with improved fruit quality over the current market leaders...
August 2015 — Bringing colour to the lineup, Syngenta introduces its yellow bell pepper variety “Conga.” It produces very large to extra-large bell peppers of uniform size with a blocky shape and sweet taste...
August 2015 — In the red bell pepper market, Syngenta offers “Felicitas,” which produces dark, red peppers of rich colour with a uniform, blocky shape...
August 2015 — Demonstrating high production potential for the cluster tomato market, “Climstar” from Syngenta is a large-size variety that produces dense clusters of five fruits ranging from 140 to 160 grams...
August 2015 — Here’s a trio of new Rijk Zwaan tomato varieties. Daltary RZ (pictured) is a productive, flavourful cherry tomato with an average fruit weight of around 16 grams...
Sept. 2015 – I had a very, very busy travel season this past January.
Sept. 17, 2015, St. Catharines, Ont. — Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Stärke Material Handling Group No. 441 on the 27th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.
October 2015 – I have written extensively on pH and electrical conductivity (EC) issues and management in bedding plants in Greenhouse Canada (March 2014 and earlier editions). Basically there are plants such as geraniums and impatiens, among others, that change the pH of the growing media towards the acidic side. However, plants such as petunias and calibrachoa, among many others, change the pH towards the alkaline side.
October 2015 – After the last “Inside View” editorial on fertilizer efficiency, a colleague in the supply industry wrote to me saying that “it is easy to put a smorgasbord [of nutrients] in front of the plants every day and let them choose what they want, instead of selectively giving them a balanced diet that doesn’t allow for overconsumption of certain fertilizers that outcompete others.”
October 2015 – Today many growers produce high value hydroponic crops in greenhouses and they have developed a growing science for vegetables and flower crops under protected cover.
October 2015 – Greenhouse Canada magazine keeps a close eye on lighting research and developments, and in this story we present a roundup of the latest projects across Canada and beyond.
Sept. 2015 – There has been much said recently of the use of “drones” in agriculture. More correctly called “UAVs” (unmanned aerial/air vehicles), these are the remote controlled aircraft type, not the natural bee sort, of course.
Aug. 12, 2015, Fremont, CA – Solaria Corporation, a global provider of solar module technologies, and Soliculture, a provider of greenhouse integrated photovoltaics (GIPV) for commercial greenhouse growers, have announced a strategic collaboration for PV-agriculture applications.
Aug. 10, 2015, Toyohashi, Japan — Nowadays it is not a surprise to get a tomato production of 50kg/m2 in a high-tech greenhouse; however it was a remarkable record in Japan.
Back when I first started writing about water quality and water treatment options, I made a presentation on greenhousing to participants of “WE ARE THE LAND: Energy and Food Sustainability Conference.”
August 2015 – The landscape of greenhouse heating is changing in Canada as we speak. There are now a small but significant number of greenhouses across the country being heated in ways only imagined decades ago – or not imagined at all.
August 2015 — We could be on the verge of a sizeable combined, heat and power (CHP) expansion in the Ontario greenhouse sector.
July 11, 2015, Novato, Calif. – LumiGrow, Inc., a leader in greenhouse spectrum control systems, has developed its a new system that offers growers the same kind of control over the light environment as they have over most other parts of the greenhouse and indoor growing environments.
Sept. 24, 2015, St. Albert, Alberta—It’s been an average year so far with peat harvesting in Canada.
Sept. 23, 2015, St. Catharines, Ont. — Greenhouse Canada hosted a very successful Grower Day this year devoting a full day to the latest research and applications of microbial biocontrols.
Sept. 22, 2015, Sumner, WA – The Million Bottle Club has announced its 2015 recipients, recognizing growers who have recycled more than one million plastic water bottles into plant containers.
October 2015 – Biopesticides are an increasingly popular resource for greenhouse growers, both for flower and vegetable crops.
October 2015 – Tired of re-entry intervals, of suiting up to spray late in the evening? Worried about pesticide resistance? Want to shift gears to biocontrol?
Sept. 2015 – In the spring of 2014, we took a snapshot of the status of biocontrol use in Ontario greenhouses and the pest management challenges facing growers.
Sept. 2015 – This feature will look at new insights into how biological control really works, and where they can take us.
Sept. 2015 – In virtually all areas of horticulture today, there is a place for both biopesticides and traditional agrochemicals. Maximum benefits can be achieved through the integration of the two strategies in an approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
Sept. 2015 – This year, I have seen so many issues with calcium deficiency in bedding plants and vegetables that I decided to write about it in some detail.
Aug. 12, 2015, Victor, New York – Dr. Daniel Peck has been named product development manager at BioWorks, home to the RootShield®, BotaniGard®, CEASE®, Molt-X®, MilStop® and SuffOil-X® brands of biopesticides, and Verdanta® and ON-Gard™ brands of biofertilizers.
August 2015 — At Kwantlen Polytechnic in Langley, B.C., “Urban Ecosystems” degree students have been busy installing green walls (both inside and outside buildings) as part of developing the physical campus environment. When “Facilities Management” began renovating the library roof membrane, the opportunity arose to install a large green roof.
August 2015 — Submitting samples for analysis can often be overlooked with the usual day-to-day demands of a greenhouse operation. However, proactive monitoring of greenhouse resources is a far smaller sacrifice than could be required if plant health declines and diagnostic testing is needed to determine the nutritional imbalance, not to mention the loss of a crop.
Sept. 28, 2015, Aalsmeer, the Netherlands – “Flowering the World together, planting seeds of opportunities for our members” is the theme of this year’s FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer (Nov. 4-6).
Sept. 23, 2015, Mississauga, Ont. – As the fall harvest approaches, the agricultural labour program that helps Ontario’s fruit and vegetable industry thrive is celebrating another successful growing season.
Sept. 23, 2015, Durham, NH – A University of New Hampshire scientist has developed a new cherry tomato designed to be grown in hanging baskets in greenhouses.
Sept. 18, 2015, Waterloo, Ont. — Wilfrid Laurier University will open a new greenhouse for leading-edge research and student training on the top floor of its Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science at 65 Lodge Street on the university’s Waterloo campus.
Sept. 4, 2015, Barcelona — An article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) proves that the very early evolution and diversification of flowering plants or angiosperms on the Earth took place by colonizing freshwater aquatic habitats.
Sept. 3, 2015, Ottawa — Farm Management Canada is seeking to honour individuals or groups with the 2015 Wilson Loree Award.
Aug. 31, 2015, Jordan, Ont. — A team of researchers from the University of Guelph is conducting a commercial field trial combining UV and ozone technologies in an advanced oxidation process for the treatment of recirculating greenhouse irrigation water.
Aug. 24, 2015, Vineland Station, Ont. — The 2015 Innovation Report of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is now available for download.
The Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C. (IAF) has awarded the 2015 Award of Excellence for Innovation to Dr. Saber Miresmailli, founder and CEO of Ecoation Innovative Solutions (EIS), for the development of a wireless crop health monitoring system that will prevent crop losses and decrease pest and disease management costs for growers.
The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is involved in four research initiatives to review issues and identify solutions to the critical labour challenges facing the agricultural industry.
Aug. 13, 2015, Vancouver — Village Farms is seeing rising interest in its growing product range of specialty greenhouse vegetable products.
Aug. 7, 2015, Madrid — A study carried out by researchers from Robotics and Cybernetics Research Group (RobCib) at Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR)  – a joint centre of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) – has used a drone to measure the temperature, humidity, luminosity and carbon dioxide concentration in a greenhouse.
June 23, 2015, Windsor — Greenhouse operators in the Windsor-Essex Region will reduce their electricity costs and expand their production by taking advantage of electricity programs offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).
Juned 2015 – This month we carry on the theme looking at alternative energy options, now considering potential “free” energy opportunities.
June 2015 – Natural gas prices may have dipped the past few years, but there’s still considerable interest in biomass heating.
June 2015 – Year-round vegetable production capability may well be just around the corner. Once accomplished, it will be a major assist for growers seeking to tap into new markets.
May 7, 2015, Montreal – The national research network BioFuelNet Canada (BFN) has just released $8.5 million in funding for research and commercialization of advanced biofuels, which are produced from non-food materials – primarily waste.
April 26, 2015, Leamington, Ont. – Ontario’s 2015 budget included some good news for Ontario’s greenhouse sector.
April 26, 2015, Guelph, Ont. – The provincial budget focused on much needed investment in transportation infrastructure but failed to support Ontario farmers with rising on-farm energy costs.
March 29, 2015, Madrid, Spain – Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Università Politecnica delle Marche have found that green roofs with high vegetation density are 60 per cent more efficient than non-green roofs.
March 15, 2015, Toronto – Red Sun Farms is again on the rise.
Jan. 27, 2015, Montreal — For those off the gas grid, wood pellets offer a Canadian-made, carbon-neutral way to heat their operations.
Dec. 5, 2014, Guelph, Ont. — One of the biggest costs of running a farm is energy. Ontario farmers are increasingly concerned about the rising costs of energy required to operate their farm businesses. Energy costs are making Ontario farms less competitive domestically and in the global market.
Nov. 28, 2014, Toronto — Truly Green Farms has been named one of three Leaders In Innovation with this year’s Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence program.
Aug. 31, 2015, Vineland Station, Ont. — “PixieTM Grape, a versatile indoor/outdoor grapevine, is a must-have edible ornamental and we want to share it with the world,” said Chandra Bierhuizen, sales/marketing manager at Sunrise Greenhouses located in Vineland.
Aug. 28, 2015, Vancouver — Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) will be the first institution in Canada to deliver much-needed education to professionals entering a budding industry.
Aug. 28, 2015, Vancouver — A study by Canadian researchers is providing a clearer picture of the evolutionary history and genetic organization of cannabis, a step that could have agricultural, medical and legal implications for this valuable crop.
July 26, 2015, Kingsville, Ont. — Mucci Farms has begun harvesting its first harvest of greenhouse-grown Naked Leaf living lettuce.
August 2015 — Quick, name some hot-but-established trends in horticulture right now. You probably just came up with five or six, right?
June 30, 2015, Seattle, WA — A team of biologists has identified a key mechanism plants use to decide when to release their floral scents to attract pollinators.
June 29, 2015, Simcoe, Ont. — Learn which varieties will be next year’s market winners, and what’s new in plant marketing. What should you add to your plant list for increased sales? Presented by Mel Sawaya of Focus Greenhouse Management.
The California Spring Trials, (what I call the California Showcase) is very interesting in the sense that you feel it is something you must attend. After the tour, you have a sense of “variety overload” with all the excitement in wanting to trial many of the varieties you saw.
Les Exceptionelles® is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Created by passionate horticulturists, this competition’s unique formula has conquered the hearts of gardeners throughout Quebec and beyond.
May 27, 2015, Burton, OH – Great Lakes Growers, an innovative producer of fresh and tasty hydroponic lettuce and herbs, has received PrimusGFS food safety certification.
May 21, 2015, Surrey, B.C. – Consumers can get a rare glimpse inside the spa-like conditions of some B.C. greenhouses on Saturday.
June 2015 – Gypsophila (also known as Baby’s Breath) is characterized by an abundance of flowers, most often white and petite. It blooms naturally in summer, when days are long. Gypsophila flowers are to be found among the 10 leading crops in the Dutch auctions’ sales. It is often used as a filler in the bouquet industry, but it can also be arranged in a vase alone without additional flowers.

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