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You can be the difference for farm safety

March 13, 2015  By Brent Royce OFA board member

March 13, 2015, Guelph, Ont. – Farm safety is a very serious matter. As farmers, we’ve all been touched by on-farm injuries or deaths.

For one week every year in March we draw special attention to some of the hazards that farming exposes us to.

March 15-21 is Canadian Agricultural Safety Week – a time to talk about the seriousness of safety, become educated and raise awareness of managing risks on the farm.


Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is organized by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

And this year’s theme is “Be the Difference.”

The bold theme empowers every farmer, farm worker and families to make the difference – helping reduce farm accidents and injuries. Most farm injuries are preventable. And we must all ensure farm managers, workers and family members know how to spot and control potential hazards on the farm.

Safety starts with a conversation. The Canadian Agriculture Safety Week website,, is a great resource for farm managers and employees.

The website includes resources for farmers like Toolbox and Farm Talks, simple tips and handouts for discussions on everyday tasks around the farm to remind workers about the importance of safe work habits and procedures.

Whether a farmer uses the talking tools or takes the time to chat about any farm safety reminder, it can make a difference.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture represents 37,000 farm members across Ontario. We want to draw special attention to this national week of farm safety from March 15-21.

Start a safety conversation. Have a farm safety plan. Know that you can make a difference.

It’s important to focus on farm safety during Canadian Agricultural Safety week, and practice safety all year long.

Brent Royce is a board member with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

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