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What’s on at CanWest 2019

August 23, 2019  By Greta Chiu

Canada’s west coast horticultural trade show, CanWest will be running September 25 to 26 in Abbotsford, B.C.

Organized by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA), the event’s programming will be geared towards a wide-ranging audience, including greenhouse and nursery growers, as well as landscapers and retail garden centres. With over 30 different sessions to choose from, here are some top picks for Greenhouse Canada readers.

For greenhouse growers
Biocontrol for cannabis: Suzanne Wainwright-Evans of Buglady Consulting will be running this half-day workshop. Attendees will learn to identify common cannabis pests and how to manage them using different methods including biocontrol, chemical pesticides and cultural practices.


Beneficials & Pesticides: Wainwright-Evans will also be presenting a general session on how to use microbial biopesticides and conventional pesticides in combination with beneficial and predatory insects, mites and nematodes.

Nutrient deficiencies: Led by Mario Lanthier of CropHealth Advising & Research, this half-day workshop is all about identifying symptoms of nutrient deficiencies common to ornamentals, conifers and fruit trees, as well as ways to alleviate them.

For retail garden centres
The houseplant hustle: Garden centre consultant, Ra Gadd, will talk houseplants in three different sessions. Grow Houseplant Customer Loyalty reveals how IGCs can support and engage new plant parents by developing value-added workshops and services. In Houseplants 101, Gadd sets out to equip outdoor plant experts with knowledge on indoor vegetation, so they can better help customers select and sustain their houseplants. Her third talk, Designing with Houseplants aims to help attendees create an eye-catching houseplant department, filling it with key design elements that will help the indoor inventory sell itself.

Grab & Grow containers: Known as the Garden Guru on FOX59 Indianapolis’s morning show, Sharon Hadden talks trends in container gardening, what customers are looking for in G&G containers, and how to create winter ones.

10 bugs you’ll want to identify: Wainwright-Evans reveals the 10 most common insect and mite pests in the retail environment, as well as how to ID and manage them.

The new garden centre: TV personality and garden centre expert, Frankie Ferragine (a.k.a. Frankie Flowers) of Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery shares his insights on what makes a garden centre great, with a focus on building experiences and community.

The top 10 answers to edible plants: Edible plants are all the rage, but are garden centres equipped with the right knowledge? Frankie Flowers returns with answers to commonly asked questions by consumers looking to grow their own food.

Not to miss
New to CanWest this year are Container Wars. Known horticultural personalities Brian Minter, Frankie Flowers, Paul Zammit, Shelley Levis and Leanne Johnson battle to see who can create the best-looking containers using only the plants, pots and props provided in a limited amount of time.

The day before the show officially starts, CanWest will be offering a Best of Fraser Valley tour. Attendees will get a chance to visit Pine Meadows Tree Farm, Qualitree Propagators, Minter Country Gardens, Woodbridge Ponds and other spots along the way.

Early bird pricing ends September 6, 2019. For more information or to register, visit

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