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Valto V10 registered in Canada for pepino virus

May 5, 2020  By Koppert

V10 is a natural crop protection agent developed by Valto and distributed by Koppert Biological Systems. V10 is used to prevent the emergence of the virulent Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) which has been accountable for substantial losses in tomato production around the world.

V10 is composed of two mild variants of the Pepino mosaic virus (VX1 and VC1) and provides two-fold protection against various damaging symptoms of the PepMV EU, PepMV LP and PepMV CH2. V10 also suppresses PepMV US1(CH1) symptoms. The Pepino mosaic virus is very changeable and causes damaging symptoms such as leaf or stem necrosis and fruit discolouration, fruit size reduction and cracking. Transmission is often through plant sap when working with tomato plants and by exposure to infected materials like clothing and tools.

‘You can compare V10 to a flu vaccination.’ explains Valto’s Thorben Looije. ‘V10 is used preventatively and needs to be applied to young plants. There are often two strains present in the greenhouse. V10 covers both, so mutation is less likely and plants are protected naturally. This two-fold protection is what distinguishes us from our competitors’. Since its introduction, this natural crop protection agent has been successfully used by local growers and currently protects a substantial percentage of the total production of tomatoes in the Netherlands.


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