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Medical cannabis insurance concierge service

March 9, 2016  By Bedrocan Canada Inc.

March 9, 2016, Toronto — Bedrocan Canada Inc. is launching a personalized insurance claim concierge service in collaboration with Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM).

Jonathan Zaid, the executive director of CFAMM and the first Canadian to have his medical cannabis covered by a group insurance plan, will work with a group of Bedrocan clients to identify individuals who may be able to attain coverage under their pre-existing insurance plans.

Cannabis costs have been routinely covered in some instances, most notably under the Veterans Affairs health plan. Canadians who have injured themselves on the job have also been granted coverage under provincial workers compensation boards on a case-by-case basis. These are positive signs that can and should be built upon.


“Medical cannabis should be covered like every other medication, yet patients often struggle to obtain coverage under their health plans,” said Zaid. “With this partnership with Bedrocan Canada, we hope will help enable patients to successfully advocate for coverage.”

Cannabis has been clinically proven to effectively treat a number of symptoms associated with serious conditions such as HIV & AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, yet its users continue to be denied coverage by the insurance industry.

“We see this is as an important first step in a larger process,” said Bedrocan Canada president Marc Wayne.

“Our hope is this personalized service will help to identify case studies that will successfully engage insurance companies in understanding both the therapeutic and economic benefits of medical cannabis use. The goal is to lay the groundwork in the short term while leading to cost coverage for tens of thousands of Canadians in the long run.

“Whether you’re a Bedrocan customer or not, we are working with medical cannabis patients across Canada to address this inconsistency.”

In order to apply for the concierge service, Bedrocan Canada clients are asked to fill out a short survey. The data will be used to identify applicants who may be eligible for some form of insurance coverage. Although participants will be identified based on their potential eligibility for insurance coverage, the organizations will leverage individual cases that can lead to systemic change across the industry.

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