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LEDs improve greenhouse’s crop vigour

May 14, 2013  By Brandi Cowen

The Barnes team is now producing Vinca cuttings with strong stems, vibrant color, compact form and a 100 per cent rooting success rate. (Courtesy of LumiGrow.)

When Barnes Greenhouses’ vernalized perennials began displaying weak stems, extended internode length and lack of colour after transplant, the solution was straightforward: the plants needed more light.

Jarratt Tunstall, a third-generation grower and vice-president of Barnes Greenhouses in Dunkirk, NY, realized that high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting would be cost prohibitive. While searching for other solutions, Jarratt came across an article about LED lighting and reached out to Lumigrow for more information about the company’s lights.



In November 2012, Barnes Greenhouses installed LumiGrow Pro 325 LED lights. Now, the company operates the lights for 12 hours each day from October through March, when its plugs are finished.


The lights have yielded a number of results for Barnes Greenhouses, including:


Strong stems, vibrant colour, compact form and a 100 per cent rooting success rate

  • A 28 per cent productivity gain (i.e. rooting Gerniums has been reduced from at least two weeks to 10 or 11 days)
  • Energy savings versus HPS fixtures

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