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Grow forward! Sollum raises the bar again in dynamic grow lights

September 22, 2022  Sponsored by Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies is introducing a brand-new line of dynamic LED light fixtures: the SF-ONE™, the SF-PRO™ and the SF-MAX™. Built on the same revolutionary principles providing 100% dynamic output and programmability, the fixtures offer growers a flexibility that caters to their journey into dynamic lighting and their business model.

“The SF-ONE™ is the perfect introduction to the world of dynamic lighting – great for those new to LEDs or growers who prefer a simpler, stripped down, approach,” says Louis Brun, co-founder and CEO of Sollum Technologies. The SF-ONE dynamically masters the narrow-spectrum strategy geared for maximizing energy efficiency while targeting peak photosynthetic wavelengths.

The SF-PRO™ will appeal to growers looking to maximize yield and take their greenhouse business to the next level. “Offering the ideal balance between efficiency, quality, sustainability and broad-spectrum flexibility, the SF-PRO can dynamically optimize lighting to grow any produce, anywhere in the world, at any time of the year,” says Brun.


The most flexible in broad spectrum output, the SF-MAX™ manages the most minute tweaking in the spectrum and intensity. “The SF-MAX is for growers catering to specialty markets who are asking for total creative license from their lights in search of specific characteristics of their crops. It allows them to try a variety of strategies in search of ideal quality attributes such as crop flavour, colour, nutrient density, Brix, etc.,” says Brun.

Bundled with Sollum’s SUN as a Service® cloud-based platform and access to expert help through smart support, the fixtures are part of a 100% dynamic and programmable “Plug and Play Sun All Day” lighting solution, which also provides

  • ambient light compensation in real time thanks to the fixtures’ sensors
  • unlimited multi-zone light management, and
  • real-time intensity and spectrum modulation.

Interested in learning more about this new line of lighting LED by nature? Get an in-person demonstration at booth #2007 at the upcoming 2022 Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

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