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‘First-of-its-kind’ energy-wise greenhouse in Denver, CO

August 9, 2012  By Treena Hein

'Den Corner' restaurant group's new passive solar greenhouse in Denver, Colorado.

The Denver-based ‘Den Corner restaurant group’ has built a 3,000 ft2 energy-efficient greenhouse on its farm in nearby Brighton, Colorado. The greenhouse utilizes only passive solar energy to supply light and heat and will delivering fresh crops to the company’s restaurants throughout the year.

The owners call it ‘the first of its kind, offering “heavy perimeter, wall and roof insulation, automated insulating shutters, high solar heat-gain glazing, systems for controlling solar light and heat, plenty of thermal mass, and carefully-controlled ventilation.”

The restaurant group states that “During the test trial of this greenhouse project, ground temperatures never dropped below 51˚F even on the coldest days.”


Among the variety of spring, summer and fall crops being grown are native Japanese produce including: Ao-Shiso, Aka-Shiso, Thai Chili, Shishito Pepper, Komatsuna, Mitsuba, Mung Bean and Kabocha.

In addition, micro-greens, herbs, citrus trees and orchids are also being grown.

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