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EnviroSand for durable hardscaping

June 4, 2012  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

bags-together_webJune 4, 2012 — EnviroSand is a stabilized joint sand that is specially designed for use in between paving stones.

The sand is a combination of traditional jointing sand and an organic glue made from a renewable plant resource. The plant glue is designed to form an adhesive gel that binds sand particles together every time the EnviroSand is in contact with water. This forms a gel that protects the sand from washing out of the joints — the number one cause of joint sand loss in a paver system.

In a rainfall simulation of a two-hour torrential downpour, EnviroSand experienced an average 2.7 per cent material loss, while traditional sand washed out in seconds and the leading polymeric sand lost 17.4 per cent of its material.


When sand washes out, weeds may be allowed to creep in. There is a misconception among many consumers that weed growth in pavers occurs from below, growing up under the paving stones.

"The truth is, weed growth in a paver system is primarily caused by seeds getting trapped in the joints from above and flourishing into a nuisance," said Mike Riehm, president of EnviroBond, the manufacturer of EnviroSand.

Beyond keeping the sand in the joints, EnviroBond has also developed a natural weed deterrent to tackle this problem. By elevating the pH of the material, EnviroSand creates a toxic environment in which seedlings can't germinate. By preventing these seeds from germinating, EnviroBond provides a unique and functional weed deterrent.

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