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BioWorks updates formulation with new Rootshield Plus WP

New wettable powder formulation offers the same efficacy with improved ease of use.

October 29, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Source: BioWorks

BioWorks has updated their previous formulation of RootShield PLUS with RootShield PLUS WP – a wettable powder formulation that is now available Canada.

A known biological fungicide used for suppressing root rot caused by Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Phytophthora in greenhouse crops, the new product is as effective as it has always been, but now easier to use, says the supplier.

Key features of the new formulation:

  • It mixes more readily in water and generates little to no dust
  • The difference in colour from the prior formulation is due to a change in the inert ingredients, which reveals the green colour of the two strains of Trichoderma, the active ingredients in RootShield PLUS
  • 4-hour REI, 0-day PHI and approved for use in organic production
  • All mix and application rates stay the same, however, the bulk density is slightly lower than the prior formulation, emphasizing the need to weigh the product before use (instead of volume measurement)

The new WP formulation is available to growers coast-to-coast-to-coast through Plant Products and Terralink Horticulture.

For questions, call or email the BioWorks Technical Service Team at (800) 877-9443,

Source: BioWorks Inc.

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