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Artechno Growsystems and Gold Leaf Technologies announce partnership

In this partnership, Gold Leaf Technologies will offer Artechno Growsystems' AVF+ Junior cells to Canadian universities and colleges.

January 4, 2023  By Artechno Growsystems

(Source: Artechno Growsystems)

Artechno Growsystems and Gold Leaf Technologies have established a new partnership.

Gold Leaf Technologies is a Canadian agricultural company providing complete solutions in the areas of:

  •  LED lighting
  •  Automation
  •  Sensor-based technology
  •  Innovative agricultural technologies and equipment

They provide solutions for greenhouses, vertical farms, and research facilities to help growers improve efficiency. The company works closely with its customers, providing guidance and professional advice to achieve customized solutions.


Artechno Growsystems provides turnkey vertical farming solutions. In the company’s AVF+ factories, plants grow from sowing to packing in perfect conditions all year round. In this continuous process, the input and output are the same every day.

The AVF+ Junior

The AVF+ Junior is an innovative vertical farming system from Artechno Growsystems. The system is designed for crop research and to innovate and create growing recipes for crops suitable for vertical farming.

The AVF+ Junior offers all the tools for professional research, such as a fully controlled environment, time-lapse cameras, and all the resources to achieve the perfect plant. This makes the Junior particularly interesting for universities and colleges. The system consists of one or more climate cells with multiple stacked cultivation positions. This allows various tests to be performed to determine the best combination of crop variables for a specific crop. It also allows multiple crop tests to be performed simultaneously.

The collaboration

In this partnership, Gold Leaf Technologies will offer Artechno Growsystems’ AVF+ Junior cells to Canadian universities and colleges, to help bridge the skill gap for our next generation of vertical farmers. At these educational institutions, students are used to working with growth cells but the AVF+ Junior brings the technology to a new level. Gold Leaf Technologies and Artechno Growsystems offer Canadian students the opportunity to work with the most innovative technologies, building a foundation for their future careers.

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