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What’s Blooming for 2006?

March 6, 2008  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

With a new gardening season quickly approaching, garden enthusiasts will be flocking to your garden centres across Canada for the next new thing.  Here are just a few plants that they’ll be looking for!

261. Astilbe  ‘Jump & jive’®
Very compact plant with intense pink plumes that emerge from the foliage.  The flower plumes are extremely thick.  Flowers from June to July. (Vanhof & Blokker)


2. Bergenia ‘Tubby Andrews’
Large ovate leaves that are deep green with beautiful, delicate golden variegation.  Large clusters of early spring pink flowers from white calyces.  Flowers from April to May. (Vanhof & Blokker)

3. Black pearl
This ornamental pepper is an All-America Selections Winner, and the first black-leafed ornamental pepper, displaying head-turning foliage with shiny black fruit that matures to dark red. (Ball)

4. Broadway lights leucanthemum
Broadway Lights Leucanthemum is a breakthrough in breeding that gives a pale yellow flower instead of the basic white forms of this plant on the market.  Late spring to early summer flowering can be enhanced by cutting off flowers and allowing the plant to re-bloom. (Proven Winners)

5. Dianthus f1 ‘supra purple’
A deep purply-pink, ‘Supra Purple’ is one of the earliest Dianthus to bloom.  The petals are highly fringed, making for a lacy appearance to the flowers. (AAS)

6. Diascia f1 ‘diamonte coral rose’
An early bloomer, ‘Diamonte Coral Rose’ has a wonderful branching habit that encourages more blooms. The coral blossoms are produced on spikes, covering the full plant. (AAS)

7. Echinacea ‘Sunrise’
Soft, citron yellow, fragrant, daisy-like flowers are up to 12 cm across with a central cone that starts out green and quickly gives way to gold.  Flowers from July to September. (Vanhof & Blokker)

8. Fanfare®
The Fanfare series spreading impatiens are the most heat-tolerant impatiens on the market.  They spread like no other, forming lush plants that make a bold statement in garden beds, hanging baskets and containers. (Ball)

9. Flame Series
With big, fragrant blooms in four showy colours, the Flame series (P. paniculata) has a tidy, compact habit that’s great for quart or gallon containers.  Hardy in Zones 4 to 8. (BALL)

10. Geranium ‘Blue Blood’
By far the darkest midnight blue yet, with large flowers all over well-branched, airy plants.  Flowers are five centimetres across.  Flowers from June to July. (Vanhof & Blokker)

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