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State-of-the-art Greenhouse coming to Dauphin, Man.

July 31, 2023  By Greenhouse Canada

July 31, 2023 – Vermillion Growers Ltd. has opened an innovative glass greenhouse producing hydroponic greenhouse vegetables in Manitoba’s Dauphin area.

Vermillion Growers Ltd. is a Canadian-controlled private corporation that uses an innovative, fully-automated control system for growing vegetables under glass greenhouses, the minister noted.

The first phase of the Dauphin-area project has been completed–a 10-acre glass greenhouse that will grow vine tomatoes for distribution to central Canada with a total project budget of $32 million. The company also plans to add an additional 60 acres by 2025 to grow sweet peppers and cucumbers, for an expected output of more than 31 million kilograms of produce per year once both phases are fully operational, the minister added.


The Manitoba government has supported the project through a number of tax incentives, including support through the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program and funding through the Manitoba Works Capital Incentive Program for up to $4.2 million as the project moves into its next phase.

“Vermillion Growers is a homegrown, Dauphin business. The Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program provided community members with the opportunity to invest into a local company and receive a Manitoba tax credit equivalent to 45 per cent of their investment. This Manitoba government program was essential to getting this business up and running,” said Maria Deschauer, managing director, Vermillion Growers, in a press release.

Once both phases have been completed, Vermillion Growers is expected to become one of the largest employers in the Parkland region. Phase 1 will employ approximately 34 full-time staff. Upon the completion of Phase 2, Vermillion Growers anticipates employing approximately 210 full-time employees.


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