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Smoker Farms Receives Micro Cultivation Licence for Cannabis

The small-batch craft cannabis cultivator in Beaverdell, BC has received a Micro-Cultivation License from Health Canada.

August 17, 2020  By Smoker Farms

Smoker Farms, a small-batch craft cannabis cultivator, has received a Micro-Cultivation License from Health Canada. The licence gives Smoker Farms the ability to start cultivating cannabis at its proprietary location in Beaverdell, BC.

They filed this license application with the help of dicentra Cannabis Consulting (dCC), based out of Toronto, Ontario.

With the issuance of this license, Smoker Farms is excited and proud to bring into the Canadian cannabis sector a cultivar of MK Ultra that CEO Jeff Aubin says he has spent years perfecting. Aubin began working with this particular cultivar with the first seed sown over 10 years ago. This cultivar has tested at a THC percentage of over 20% (testing at 23% during its latest run). In addition, this particular cultivar is said to boast a unique flavour and terpene profile.


“We’re thrilled to have achieved an issuance of this micro cultivation licence,” states Aubin. “It has been our dream to be able to produce quality cultivars like MK Ultra and now we can begin to make those dreams a reality.”

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