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ReduFuse earns Horti Fair technology honours

November 1, 2011  By Dave Harrison


ReduFuse earns Horti Fair technology honours
ReduFuse, from Mardenkro B.V., is this year’s Horti Fair Innovation Technology Award winner.

Nov. 1, 2011, Amsterdam — ReduFuse, from Mardenkro B.V., is this year’s Horti Fair Innovation Technology Award winner.


“ReduFuse responds to the findings of recent research that has shown that the use of diffuse glass generates a dramatic increase in production for various crops,” said jury chairperson Geert van Oosterhout. “Applying ReduFuse to the roof of an existing greenhouse means a limited loss of light that is more than compensated for by the agent that diffuses the light. It can be used for a wide range of crops, retains its light-diffusing property for a longer time, and can be removed by simple means in the autumn. It requires only a small investment that is quickly recouped.”

Florinilla® ‘Bella,’ from Corn. Bak B.V., was named the most promising new product in the “plants” category.

The jury said Corn. Bak had succeeded in developing an impressively compact and sturdy form of the beautiful medinilla. The plant produces a profuse number of fine, bright pink flowers and can be supplied year round. "This makes it a wonderful addition to the line of flowering houseplants.”

The jury evaluated almost 100 new products this year (20 per cent more than last year) and selected the winners from among 13 that were nominated.

The other nine nominated new products in the Technology category included:

• Lumenex® ISO22, from Boal Systemen B.V. — This double-glazed Venlo system conserves energy due to its higher light transmission, has slower dirt accumulation and discolouration, features good insulation value and excellent water tightness combined with high air tightness.  

• Gavita GAN 300 LEP, from Gavita Nederland B.V. — This first plasma luminaire based on LUXIM solid state plasma technology, with a CRI of 94, is suitable for daylight simulations and supplementary lighting due to its completely sealed housing, lack of moving parts, and long life span.

• Easy Ice Clean, from Horticoop — Easy Ice Clean reduces labour costs. It moves along existing tubular rail installations and cleans reflector caps and light sources rapidly, inexpensively and effectively because they do not have to be removed and can be used again immediately after cleaning.

• HortiMax Irrigation Checker, from HortiMaX B.V. — This system accurately and efficiently measures the amount of irrigation applied by a reference dripper, so that growers can monitor the distribution of water in the greenhouse during each irrigation cycle and over the entire irrigation period.

• Anti-condensation treatment unit for glass, from Klimrek — Anti-condensation treatment of greenhouse roofs with this truss carrier fitted with spray heads results in light gain of between six and nine per cent and energy savings of 11 per cent.

• The Ultra Clima® double air hose, from KUBO Tuinbouwprojecten B.V. — This double air hose evenly distributes temperature both horizontally and vertically, thereby providing better airflow with less energy consumption.

• Air & Energy Kas™, from Maurice Kassenbouw B.V. — This ventilation system controls moisture balance by means of separate units for the supply of fresh dry air and recirculation. Since the system is equipped with heat recovery air exchangers, no heat supply is required; when ventilation is used, no loss of energy occurs. The results are a lower investment and operating costs.

• OMBRA-DLS, from Penn-Textile Solutions — The thermal resistance of this system allows for energy savings and shadow management with a single screen instead of several units.

• Precision-Spray, from Van der Ende Groep — Mounted on a sorter, this system precisely and efficiently applies crop protection materials to flower buds from three directions. Only a minimum quantity of the chemical is needed, because the dose for each nozzle and batch is easily adjusted.

The other nominees in the “plants” category were:

• Alstroemeria Indian Summer ‘Tesronto,’ from Hilverda Kooij B.V. — The distinguishing features of this perennial border alstroemeria are the colour combination of orange/yellow flowers with dark green/black leaves, the plant habit, and prolonged flowering period from early spring to late autumn.

• Vriesea ‘Vision,’ from Corn. Bak B.V. — This is an easily grown plant that is suitable for 12 cm pots. It has a striking appearance due to its bright yellow flowers that contrasts beautifully with the red stem.

Horti Fair continues through to Friday (Nov. 4).

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