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Online retailer launches plant-matching app

April 22, 2021  By PlantX Life

Plant-centric online retailer, PlantX Life Inc. is celebrating Earth Day by launching PlantXBuddy, its new online plant-matching application designed to assist customers in choosing the indoor plants best suited to their preferences.

“Our deep love of plants is the essence of the PlantX philosophy and mission to give back to the world and our planet,” said PlantX CEO Julia Frank. “We aim to celebrate Earth Day every day and what better way to do that than by helping our community make informed choices about how to fully delve into the world of indoor plants. PlantXBuddy is a really fun, easy and dynamic tool to achieve that.”

The PlantXBuddy online app will allow consumers to swipe through numerous indoor plant options to learn more about each plant’s characteristics and “personality” and help them find the best fit for their home or office.


The new app brings awareness to the fact that indoor plants are much more than esthetic companions. Scientific studies suggest that they offer various other benefits such as purifying the air, increasing relaxation and wellbeing levels, and boosting overall mental health.

Beyond advancing plant-related education, Vancouver, B.C.-based PlantX Life will also use PlantXBuddy to assist the company’s community in navigating the indoor plant section on the company’s United States and Canadian e-commerce platforms.

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