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New software will help optimize screening

June 7, 2016  By Dave Harrison

June 7, 2016 – New screening software allows full control over humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings.

The Connected Screening module connects the advanced software of the Hoogendoorn iSii process computer with a wide range of Svensson climate screens.

Knowledge exchange and innovation are the results of this unique co-operation that provides growers with all the benefits of the Next Generation Growing (NGG). The result is healthier crops with higher yields needing less energy input.

The software is a technology and knowledge crossover between Svensson, a market leader in climate screens and Hoogendoorn, an innovator in horticultural automation.


It calculates the effect on ventilation, humidity transfer, energy savings and transmission of light and outgoing long wave radiation based on the Svensson screen characteristics and position.

With this information, growers can achieve more screening hours without risking high humidity levels below fully closed screens. This allows growers to achieve a homogeneous climate, higher crop yields and up to 20 per cent extra energy savings.

Data is presented at a glance via a custom-made visualization.


Field research within the NGG shows that the highest crop yields are achieved under double layer energy screens and completely closed screens (without gaps).

However, in practice this is often hard to realize due to a mismatch of screen characteristics or inefficient use of climate control. This leads to an unstable greenhouse climate. The consequence is an increase in pests and diseases that negatively affects crop quality and yields.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Svensson have these issues with the new screening software Connected Screening specifically developed for the iSii process computer.


Svensson (booth 08.430) and Hoogendoorn (booth 11.710), both pioneers in the area of The Next Generation Growing program, will launch Connected Screening June 14-16 at the GreenTech in Amsterdam RAI. Connected Screening is nominated for the GreenTech Innovation Award in the category Automation Solutions. You can cast your vote here.

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