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Interested in floral sales into the U.S.?

July 15, 2011  By Flowers Canada Growers

July 15, 2011 — Flowers Canada Growers is hosting a Flower Export Day on July 28 offering complete information to help those interested in selling into the U.S. market.

July 15, 2011 — Flowers Canada Growers is hosting a Flower Export Day on July 28.

This will offer complete information to help those interested in exporting flowers to U.S. The one-day conference will be opened by trade commissioners with The Consulate General of Canada, and include a CFIA presentation on phytosanitary requirements for exporting flowers.


Plan Your Export Strategy
Presenters: Tim Prince & Tom Prince, Prince & Prince Inc., Columbus, OH, U.S.

Floral exports to the United States are an integral component of sales for many Canadian growers. 

Tim and Tom Prince will be reviewing the results of the 2011 market study of wholesaler and florist attitude, commissioned by Flowers Canada Growers and partially funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. If you are exporting to the U.S., or planning to, this is an opportunity to better understand your export market and make the right decisions.

The P&P market analysis will prioritize the core components by which U.S. florists and wholesalers make their purchasing decision, thus allowing growers to achieve more optimal resource allocation to meet the U.S. market opportunities.

Canadian growers, as a group, and by key geographic area, will be able to benchmark their product & service performances and overall image with the performances and perception of key floral-source competitors. 

• For fresh cut flowers, growers will benchmark against cut flower offerings from California, Holland, Miami Importers, and South American Farm-Direct sources.  

• For potted flowering plants, growers will benchmark against several U.S. regional grower sources (Northeast, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest sources). 

The market analysis will reveal the key competitive strengths of Canadian floral, as well as identify possible areas for improvement.  

Overall, this presentation will provide Canadian growers a "road map" to identify and exploit new opportunities in the U.S. market, as well as assist growers in achieving more optimal product and service performance, resulting in a greater and sustainable market share position in the U.S. marketplace.

Presenter: Josie Burton

For novice and advanced exporters, the 2011 Edition of the Export Manual, Floral Exporting to the United States, A guide for Commercial Exporters, commissioned by Flowers Canada Growers and partially funded by AAFC, is a tool for flower exporter in their daily compliance.

The International Trade Task Force and programs delivered by the association.
Presenter: Michel-Antoine Renaud

Industry and government working together on trade issues in floriculture. The ITTF meets quarterly and works in collaboration with the CFIA, CBSA and CBP with a mandate to facilitate bilateral trade and access to markets, ensure compliance, increase standardization, educate and most importantly to develop relationships within the floriculture sector.

For more information, contact Michel-Antoine Renaud, policy analyst in international trade, plant health and quarantine. •
Register by phone 800-698-0113, or via

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