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Year-round lighting will supply winter vegetable demand in Canada

September 29, 2020  By Red Sun Farms (edited)

North American greenhouse grower Red Sun Farms is lighting up multiple high-tech greenhouse operations to supply the Canadian market year-round.

“Introducing these new technologies into the greenhouses will allow Red Sun Farms to offer year-round supply from Ontario,” says Jim DiMenna, president Red Sun Farms, “Usually over the winter months, we ship our product from Mexico to Canada; however, this new lighting technology will allow us to give some of our Canadian customer’s limited products over the winter months.”

There are three distinct projects underway in support of year-round Ontario grown produce:

  • First, a new state of the art 27-acre facility with a dedicated partially lit growing area. This investment will allow for a longer growing season in Canada for specialty tomatoes;
  • A second project has 42 acres lit, all dedicated to growing 12 months of the year in organic & conventional farming. With this new technology, they can extend their growing season into the winter months, responding to consumer demand for local produce year-round; and
  • Finally, a third project introduces the first of its kind LED technology that will supply Ontario peppers year-round. This unique technology recreates and modulates the full spectrum of the sun’s natural light, essentially enabling the farm to “de-seasonalize” production.

One of the largest vertically integrated greenhouse growers in North America, Red Sun Farms owns greenhouses in Mexico, U.S. and Canada.

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