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Welcoming the newest AAS Winners

February 2, 2016
By Dave Harrison

Ornamental Pepper Black Hawk F1 ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS

Feb. 2, 2016, Downers Grove, IL — Six more new, never-before-sold varieties join the ranks of wearing the prestigious All-America Selections Winner badge of honour.

All of the following new varieties were trialled during the 2015 growing season and exhibited outstanding garden performance. With an announcement at this time of year, these AAS Winners will be available in limited supply for the 2016 gardening season but will be readily available for 2017.
This grouping of AAS Winners for 2016 includes:

• Ornamental Pepper Black Hawk F1 (Regional: Southeast and Heartland).


• Cabbage Katarina F1 (National).

• Kale Prizm F1 (National).

• Kohlrabi Konan F1 (National).

• Pepper Flaming Jade F1 (Regional Heartland and Great Lakes).

• Pumpkin Pepitas F1 (National).

With this announcement, these varieties become available for immediate sale to the commercial market. Brokers and growers can purchase these varieties immediately. Retailers and consumers will find these Winners for sale for the 2016 gardening season as supply gradually becomes available throughout the chain of distribution.

The rest of the AAS Winners for 2016 are now readily available:

• Bunching Onion Warrior (Regional Winner Southeast, Mountain/Southwest).

• Geranium Brocade Cherry Night (National).

• Geranium Brocade Fire (National).

• Mizuna Red Kingdom F1 (National Winner).

• Pepper Cornito Giallo F1 (National).

• Pepper Escamillo F1 (National).

• Pumpkin Super Moon F1 (Regional: Southeast and Great Lakes).

• Radish Sweet Baby F1 (Regional Winner Southeast, Great Lakes).

• Salvia Summer Jewel™ Lavender (Regional: Southeast, Heartland, Great Lakes).

• Strawberry Delizz® F1 (National).

• Tomato Candyland Red (National).

• Tomato Chef’s Choice Green F1 (National).

A complete list of trial grounds and the judges behind our awards can be found here.

A complete list of all AAS Winners since 1932 can be found here. Note that this list of AAS Winners can be sorted by Flowers from Seed, Flowers from Cuttings, and Vegetables.

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