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SPONSORED: Growing Media for Young Plants and Organic Standards in Edibles
December 8, 2021 at 2:00pm

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Date: Dec 8, 2021 @ 2pm EST

Description: Join horticulture specialists from Premier Tech as they deliver two timely back-to-back presentations on growing media. Part one explores best practices and products for germination and young plants. Part two dives into the changes made to Canada’s organic standards and what this means for edible crop producers.

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Part #1: Germination/Young Plant Growing Media – Products and Best Practices

Description: This presentation will discuss best practices for successful seed germination and starting of propagated young plants. Discover the different ingredients used in formulating growing media and the ideal chemical and physical properties for starting seeds and cuttings. Learn about the importance of monitoring water quality and plant nutrition during the crop cycle and how biostimulants in growing media can improve crop quality.

Speaker: Lance Lawson, Horticulture Specialist


Part #2: Growing Media for the Edible Market – Organic Standards Change in Canada

Description: The interest in organic-certified vegetables and other edibles has been growing steadily for the past years, and growers need to adapt practices and use components compatible with organic standards. These organic standards are being revised in many countries such as in Canada as of 2021. For greenhouse-grown crops, soilless growing media must comply with the new ruling. Join Susan Parent for a review of these changes in soilless growing media composition for vegetable-bearing crops and transplants.

Speaker: Susan Parent, Horticulture Specialist

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Meet the speakers

Lance Lawson
Horticulture Specialist, Premier Tech

Lance Lawson has worked in the Horticultural Industry for the past 20 years. He is part of Premier Tech’s Grower Services and is responsible for technical and product support of all PRO-MIX and PRO-MOSS products for the Western US and Western Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Science degrees in Plant and Soil Science and Chemistry/Biochemistry at Utah State University and a post graduate degree in Soil Chemistry, he worked for Utah State University’s Soil Testing Laboratory in the development of soil fertility and erosion control studies. Prior to working with Premier, Lance was responsible for sales management and technical sales of horticultural and agricultural products working closely with commercial growers. Through these opportunities, Lance has gained a wide experience and working knowledge in various areas within the horticultural and agriculture industry.

Susan Parent
Horticulture Specialist, Premier Tech

With more than 35 years at Premier Tech, Susan Parent has been part of the Innovation team in developing Active Ingredients for horticulture plants. Susan has a deep knowledge microbiology and for the last 10 years she has been part of the Grower Services team supporting greenhouse growers and working with them to improve crops especially in the edible market.

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