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WEBINAR: Fusarium basics

Speaker: Dr. Ann Chase, Chase Agricultural Consulting


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Fusarium has been a serious problem on many ornamental crops for many years. Learn the differences between fusarium and pythium. Find out how to best protect your crops from fusarium and other root rot pathogens from propagation through finishing. Cultural, biological and conventional control strategies will be covered.

Questions from the audience, answered by Chase after the webinar:

1. What can we do about phalaenopsis already sick with fusarium?
Chase says: Throw them out – nothing will help them and they will spread disease to new unaffected plants as long as they are sitting there.

2. What rates were applied using disinfectants (Slide 9)?
Chase says: Strip-It – 40 ml/litre; KleenGrow – 8 ml/litre; GreenShield – 15 ml/litre; ZeroTol – 20 ml/litre

3. What were the rates of the biological fungicides used (Slide 19)?
Chase says: I am sorry I don’t know. I got the info from another researcher years ago.

4. Has she ever noticed Fusarium-caused lesions or soft rot on flowers of ornamental crops?
Chase says: Not that I can remember.

5. What kind of Fusarium pathogens do not cause vascular browning on plants based on her knowledge and experience?
Chase says: All of them except for Fusarium oxysporum. F. avenaceum, solani, moniliforme etc.

6. You mentioned Fusarium is generally water-liking and has long-term resting spores. Can they live in the biofilm of cisterns for long periods? Or is it only an issue with immediately recycled water?
Chase says: Big problem in biofilms


thumbnail ann front 11 5 14 copyAbout the speaker: Ann Chase, PhD, has close to 40 years of experience in research, diagnostics and practical consulting in plant pathology. Previously professor of plant pathology at the University of Florida – Mid Florida Research and Education Center in Apopka, Ann has remained on staff as professor emeritus since her retirement in 1994. She continues to provide practical solutions for growers through Chase Agricultural Consulting.

Sarah JandricicAbout the moderator: Sarah Jandricic, PhD, is the greenhouse floriculture IPM specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Sarah has over 18 years of experience in greenhouse integrated pest management, including extensive research experience in Canada, New York State and North Carolina, and two years at a greenhouse IPM consulting company. Responsible for both IPM of insects and plant diseases, she has published numerous trade articles and runs a variety of grower workshops related to biological control of greenhouse pests.

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