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Marijuana – The #1 Profit Opportunity for Greenhouse Growers in the Next Decade

September 22, 2016  By Greenhouse Canada

The business opportunities becoming available as a result of the push to legalize large-scale marijuana cultivation are globally significant. This webinar provides a look into the state of the industry, as well as opportunities and obstacles that face both new and seasoned cannabis growers and investors.

Industry expert Michael Camplin from GGS Structures will lead this webinar, and will provide his insights as both an advisor and solutions provider of structures and growing systems for numerous licensed large-scale cannabis producers in Canada and the U.S.

: May 19th, 2016
Time: 2pm EST

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Missed our live webinar? You can view a copy of the recorded webinar here!
You will be asked to register before viewing the webinar recording, this is strictly for tracking purposes and your information will not be shared.

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