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WEBINAR: Biomass – Fire up the greenhouse

April 19, 2022  By Greta Chiu

Date: May 5, 2022 @ 2pm ET / 3pm ADT

Webinar description:

Biomass may be considered a renewable energy source, but where does it fit into Canada’s clean energy future for greenhouse agriculture? Learn about its use, the importance of fuel sources, as well as new developments that could give it a place on the journey towards net-zero emissions.


  • Detlev Elsner, Wood4Heating
  • Marc Schurman, Atlantic Grown Organics

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About the presenters:

Detlev Elsner

Detlev Elsner is director at Wood4Heating based in Atlantic Canada. The company focuses on commercial-scale installations of heating solutions that displace fossil fuels through carbon-neutral renewable energy options.

Marc Schurman

Marc is owner of Atlantic Grown Organics. Growing up on the family farm in Kensington, PEI, Marc went on to start a greenhouse business in 2001 with his wife, Krista. In 2008, Marc, Krista and their children headed out to Mexico where Marc managed a 25-acre greenhouse. Three years later, the family moved back to the farm in Kensington and introduced the Atlantic Grown Organics brand to the Maritimes. Today, Marc and Krista and the kids grow 100 per cent certified organic tomatoes, English cucumbers and a variety of vegetables in their 150,000 sq ft greenhouse.

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