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Water efficiency technologies ranked by global firm

October 30, 2012  By Treena Hein

Water efficiency technologies are becoming more and more important as global population rises and water resources are under great stresses (image from

A new report by LuxResearch firm ranks new water efficiency technologies, which will be particularly important as greenhouse farming for high-value crops grows in Eastern Europe and Africa.

The LuxResearch September 2012 ‘State of the Market Report’ is called ‘Farm to Factory: Technology in Reducing Water Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry.’ The report states that Dynamax, Zim, AquaSpy and Capilix have the best potential to transform the food industry with water-saving technology.

To see a news story on this report, visit here.


The LuxResearch website describes the rationale for the report as follows:

“World food prices are pushing historic levels as food grown per capita stagnates. Major drivers, from growing affluence ramping up demand for refined foods to the vagaries of climate change, are pressing both industry and agriculture toward novel water solutions. To control water risk, the food industry is expanding its focus beyond processing plants to water savings across the value chain. This report identifies the industries and regions where new investment in water technologies will help feed the world. It highlights top companies that will transform the space and ranks them on the Lux Innovation Grid.

Water risks throughout the food value chain are driving new scrutiny in both agriculture water use and water use and treatment in food and beverage manufacturing. Technology companies in agriculture are working to stretch their market into lower value crops. Water treatment companies are working to perfect next-generation methods to minimize water use and efficiently treat and reuse process water while polishing wastewater to meet tightening regulations.”


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