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Vineland service pinpoints consumer interest and markets

February 5, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Photo: Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Not sure whether a new product will fly? Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is now offering a range of consumer insights services for hire.

From consumer taste-testing to demographic analysis, Vineland’s latest initiative is designed take a litmus test of the market before the launch of a product. Specifically, they can help pinpoint what consumers like or don’t like about the product. It could be taste and mouthfeel or values and beliefs about production practices, explains Amy Bowen, director of consumer insights at Vineland. They can identify the factors driving consumer interest and product purchase.

By looking at consumer market size and segments, researchers at Vineland can also help figure out how to best position the product in packaging, format, size and price, as well as the type of branding that would resonate with those markets.


But in order to be most effective, this research should be done early on. “The earlier the better,” says Bowen. “Best to call before you start production.”

The results of the study will be confidential, unless the client wants to share. “As a research and innovation centre, we love to be able to talk about the research we do,” says Bowen, “but we also understand that as a company, they may want to keep their results confidential.”

Bowen’s group was instrumental in singling out specific tomato characteristics most loved by consumers as part of a six-year tomato-breeding program for Ontario’s greenhouse growing conditions. Vineland has since partnered with Eminent Seeds to release the first three varieties this year.

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