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Vineland releases 2023-2024 Innovation Report

December 11, 2023  By Greenhouse Canada

Dec. 11, 2023 – Vineland Research and Innovation Centre have released their 2023-2024 Innovation Report, which covers the organization’s latest research and development projects, as well as outlines their 2023-2026 strategic plan.

Their specific innovations goals, as outlined by Ian Potter, president and CEO of Vineland include: 1. Diversify and enhance horticultural products for domestic and export markets. 2. Ensure new technologies are optimized for the Canadian environment. 3. Improve the connectivity of products and processes across supply and value chains.

This year’s report features articles including: investigating insect frass fertilizer as a new kind of nutrient source, a look at delivering global innovation, genetics and intellectual property to Canadian growers, expanding research of bred-in Canada roses, a case study on Canada’s urban tree value chain, searching for solutions against different thrips species affecting Ontario greenhouse crops and taking a look at a new focus on validating and de-risking horticultural technology for growers.


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