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Verdanta fertilizers

November 27, 2015  By Dave Harrison

December 2015 — BioWorks, Inc. has introduced three Verdanta® fertilizers in Canada: K-Vita, PL-2 and OFE….

K-Vita is a 100 per cent organic-based granular fertilizer (2-0-20) in MINIGRAN® form, meaning each microgranule contains uniform nutrient content for better controlled nutrient delivery.

K-Vita is ideal for providing potassium nutrition to ornamental or vegetable crops. PL-2 is a 100 per cent organic-based liquid suspension fertilizer (2-0-6).


It provides supplemental potassium with a low salt index for lower ECs in the growing medium.

OFE is a foliar iron fertilizer with seaweed extract (3-0-0 + three per cent iron). It is derived from both organic and mineral sources and contains urea to help move iron into the plant leaf tissue, and contributes to greening up leaves.

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