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Virtual Grower Day | Flowers & Vegetables
August 12, 2020 at 1:00pm ET

Growing the next generation

Jennifer McIntosh, Meyers Farms
Jette Vanadrichem, Ontario Plants Propagation
Brennan Parkin, One Floral

How can the greenhouse sector continue to attract and retain new employees? Three younger growers share their experiences in the greenhouse.

Jennifer McIntosh
Meyers Farms

Jennifer has had a lifelong interest in plants, from growing up in her grandparents garden, to summer jobs in landscaping and garden centres. After completing her Diploma in Horticulture from the University of Guelph, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and started her career in the greenhouse. From assistant grower to head grower, she has grown in operations of varying sizes. With over 20 years in the industry, she wants to share her passion and experience to help grow and promote the floral industry to future generations. When she is not in the greenhouse you’ll find her running somewhere and taking pictures of plants along the way!

Jette Vanadrichem
Ontario Plants Propagation

Jette Vanadrichem is currently an assistant grower at Ontario Plants Propagation in Delhi, ON.

In 2000, Jette’s family immigrated from The Netherlands and started a business wholesaling potted Anthuriums along with a garden centre. She discovered her passion for horticulture at a young age by working at the home farm. There, she explored different sectors from retail/ garden centre to wholesale, and found her love for growing! After high school, she went on to achieve her diploma in horticulture at Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire, England. If Jette is not at work, she can often be found grooming her plants at her (what her friends and family like to call) “jungle condo”.

Brennan Parkin
One Floral

Brennan Parkin graduated from the Niagara College Greenhouse Technician Program in 2018. Having been interested in growing/horticulture since he was in high school, Brennan spent a number of summers working for the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ont. Working alongside brilliant horticulturists and the Royal Botanical’s living collection, he’s since graduated and stepped into the world of cannabis for well over a year and a half. Currently, he is the assistant grower for OneFloral in Jordan, Ont.

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