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Variety works well in the heat

April 10, 2015
By Dave Harrison


February 2015 – Taymyr RZ is a variety that combines good yield and good fruit set with intermediate mildew resistance…

For the past two years, ‘Taymyr RZ’ has been trialled in various locations. A Taymyr crop is remarkably generative; it is open, looks neat and tidy and virtually always gives trusses of four fruits. Not only that, the quality of the fruits is high: beautifully round, nice and firm with an average weight of 270 grams. The variety is not only grown in North America but also in Eastern Europe. The variety copes extremely well with hot periods. It is advisable to use truss supports, so that it retains its high fruit weight, along with a robust growing method, pruning gives the best result. ‘Taymyr’ has shown all the qualities needed to develop into a reliable standard variety: it meets all the specifications, and the production throughout the season is equal to that of the current standard varieties, without any signs of there being any low periods.

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