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Top picks at LMHIA Growers’ Short Course

January 21, 2019  By Greenhouse Canada

The Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association is once again organizing the annual Growers’ Short Course in partnership with the Pacific Agriculture Show. It runs from January 24 to 26 at the TRADEX in Abbotsford, BC.

Now going into their 61st year, the sessions cover a breadth of topics, including greenhouse and business management courses. Over 95 speakers are expected in over 100 talks. Here are some highlights for greenhouse growers.

Thursday January 24 morning – Greenhouse vegetable session chaired by Linda Delli Santi of BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association:

  • -Native and invasive stink bugs; by Paul Abram, AAFC, BC
  • -Building your bios: Strategies for tailored IPM Program; by Maria Keating, IPM Consultant, BC
  • -Future of agriculture; by Christian Kromme, Keynote speaker and author, Netherlands

Thursday January 24 afternoon – Floriculture session chaired by David Woodske, BCAGRI

  • Nutritional deficiencies in bedding plants and ornamentals – why pH and EC are two major factors? By Mohyuddin Mirza, Greenhouse Crops Specialist, AB
  • Basics of annual and perennial flower induction: Flower on time every time; by Roberto Lopez, Michigan State University
  • New Blooms with Deb! By Debbie Foisy, Deb’s Greenhouses, AB

Friday January 25 morning – Farm Business Management session, chaired by Heather Freeman, Armstrong, BC

  • Finance is Fun! By Rita Kim, Partners for Growth Advisory Services Inc., Vancouver BC
  • Business Techniques to Manage Political Uncertainty; By Fabio Santeramo, University of Foggia, Italy
  • Keynote, Handling Emergent Risk: The Challenge of Black Swans; By Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor Partnership, Hampshire, UK

New for 2019! Friday’s afternoon’s cannabis session, chaired by David Woodske, BCAGRI:

  • The Transformation of Cannabis into a Horticultural Crop; By Greg Baute, Anandia Labs, BC
  • Emerging Diseases of Cannabis Sativa and Approaches to Management; By Zamir Punja, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
  • Moving from Indoor to Greenhouse Bio-control in Cannabis; By Amanda Brown, Biobest, BC
  • Integrated Rootzone Management and Other Horticultural Management Aspects in Indoor Cannabis Production; By Youbin Zheng, University of Guelph, ON
  • Cannabis Lighting: Practical Advice Comparing LED and Traditional Lighting Options; By Kendra Minkler, urban-gro Inc., CA
  • Producing High Quality Cannabis Through Proper Management of Nutrients By Mohyuddin Mirza, Greenhouse Crops Specialist, AB
  • The Environmental Impact of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation; By Tom Ulanowski, President, Nextleaf Labs Ltd., BC
  • Quality Assurance Throughout the Production Process; By Karen Parent, Zenabis, Surrey, BC

Funds raised from registration/membership are primarily used to fund agriculture research projects which benefit farmers on the Lower Mainland and other areas in BC.

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