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The opportunities of perennial polycultures

January 15, 2015  By Dave Harrison

Jan. 15, 2015, Guelph, Ont. — Why focus on annuals versus perennials? For ecosystem designer and author Dave Jacke, perennials present a wealth of opportunities.

In addition to addressing longterm sustainability, perennial polycultures are also appealing for various reasons including:

• Plant Cooperation not Competition.


• Pest Impacts Minimized.

• Market Potential.

• Building Soils.

• Diversity & Self Sufficiency.

To gain a greater understanding of these and other benefits of perennial polycultures, Jacke will be presenting at the Guelph Organic Conference on Thursday, January 29th.

The session will be designed to be interactive and appeal to different perspectives from that of the home gardener to homesteaders to organic farmers.

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