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The New Gardener’s Hollow Leg® Junior

January 31, 2012  By Canadian Garden Centre & Nursery

Gardener's Hollow LegJan. 31, 2012 –The New Gardener’s Hollow Leg® Juniorversion is a smaller version of the original Gardener’s Hollow Leg and is perfect for picking dinner!

Gardener's Hollow Leg  

Jan. 31, 2012 – The New Gardener’s Hollow Leg® Junior is a smaller version of the original Gardener’s Hollow Leg which is perfect for picking dinner!

Berkeley, California. (Spring, 2012) – The New Gardener’s Hollow Leg Junior® is the perfect picking companion. Ideal for harvesting smaller quantities of veggies and fruits, this handy “hands-free” fabric bag makes any task easier. Forget about finding the perfect basket or bucket, just clip on this handy sack and you’re ready to go.


A smaller version of the patented Gardener’s Hollow Leg®, the Junior holds one gallon and is made from water-resistant, recycled polyester. This new version comes with a belt that expands from 25- to 52-inches, making it the perfect size for both children and adults. The ring opening is 6-inches in diameter and the bag is 12-inches deep. A convenient side pocket holds your phone, iPod or pruners.

In addition to harvesting produce, the Gardener’s Hollow Leg Junior is an excellent tool for gathering soft fruits such as berries, apricots and cherry tomatoes. It’s also great for gathering eggs.

Got a bigger task? The original Gardener’s Hollow Leg® is a must have tool for all your pruning, weeding and larger harvesting jobs. The 23-inch deep bag is compact and comfortable to wear, simply attach the adjustable belt and you’re off. It features a 10-inch diameter opening and can hold more than five gallons. It’s a great time saver, eliminating the extra step of picking up piles of clippings or weeds. Plus, there is no need to drag around a bulky bucket or other debris container.

“We designed both the Gardener’s Hollow Leg and the Gardener’s Hollow Leg Junior to help with our personal pruning tasks,” says creator Bob Blomberg. “Since the product has hit the market, gardeners are sharing many additional uses. We’ve found it’s perfect for everything from mushroom hunting to cleaning out gutters. People are also telling us it makes a great environmental clean-up tool for removing debris from parks, beaches or other community areas.”

The new Gardener’s Hollow Leg Junior is available for $19.99; the original model has a suggested retail price of $24.99. Look for it at select garden retailers or online at

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