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Svensson launches Luxous Eco, the first climate screen made from recycled materials

June 2, 2021  By Svensson

Luxous screen.

Svensson has introduced the world’s first climate screen made of recycled material.

The film in Luxous 1147 Eco FR is said to contain 30 per cent recycled polyester from PET bottles, while offering the same light transmission and high energy-saving capabilities as Luxous 1147 FR.

“Our long-term ambitions are to further secure the right raw materials and increase resource efficiency to lower the climate impact in the whole value chain. That also includes creating products with a long product life, improved climate positive effects, and circular solutions,” says Svensson in a press release.


Strong heat retention properties stabilize temperature fluctuations while minimizing crop condensation and the risk of fungal diseases.

Luxous 1147 Eco FR is made exclusively from flame retardant materials and meets the horticultural industry’s highest fire safety standards, making Luxous 1147 Eco FR a sustainable solution for the current and next generation of growers, says the supplier.

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