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Svensson introduces ClimaFlow for growth amid light abatement

July 9, 2021  By Svensson

Reaching an even temperature and the ideal humidity levels without gapping is a complex task.

Despite the difficulties, more and more growers must comply with this mandate to meet local light pollution regulations. And when growing according to the Plant Empowerment principles, gapping isn’t always an option.

To help tackle this problem, Svensson has introduced ClimaFlow, a climate control solution that combines Hinova’s VentilationJet System and Svensson’s advisory service, Climate House.


ClimaFlow gives growers the ability to keep their climate screens closed, utilizing the screen to its fullest while achieving an optimal, progressive climate for their crops. Svensson’s advisory team continuously supports growers throughout the entire installation and implementation process. All this ensures that the ClimaFlow solution is applied to its maximum potential, allowing the ability to grow with the flow

How it works

The VentilationJet System consists of a VentilationJet and a vertical fan, the HinovaFan.  The VentilationJet draws fresh air from above the screen, distributing and mixing it with the greenhouse air throughout the growing area. The HinovaFan distributes the air evenly with a smooth and uniform flow throughout the crop canopy. This technique removes the evaporative moisture from within the crop, optimizing photosynthesis and creating an active, homogenous, and healthy microclimate.

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